Barcelona Dental Show

Advanced Dentistry Congress

10-11 APRIL 2025 | Fira Barcelona - Gran Vía

Transforming dental sector by innovation


The Advanced Dentistry Congress is the new leading event on the transformation of the dental sector at the present moment guided by the innovation thanks to:

  • Its evolution process towards a more advanced model
  • The inclusion of technologies and digitization
  • Sustainable dentistry
  • The design in each of its elements


Organized near to Barcelona Dental Show, the congress gathers all the innovation from the dental industry that we can apply at our businesses. The Advanced Dentistry Congress will be the platform where to share and discover all this innovation. This forum is no-doubt the place where to present, analyze, discuss, visualize and go into the changes that are impacting in this sector, which will be totally reconverted in the next years. And we can only do this by knowing and experiencing the latest trends in each of the areas in which the dentist profession develops.

Specialised technology forums

Artificial Intelligence

3D Dental

Intraoral Scanner

Digitisation of the patient

Summits for each area of dental management



Oral Hygiene



Key Topics

Medical Main Topics

• Dental digitisation Cad/cam
• New treatments
• Intraoral scanners
• 3D Radiology
• 3D Printing
• New surgical techniques
• Technologcal trends
• Pediatrics dentistry
• Implantology
• Orthodontics

Management Main Topics

• Software
• Marketing digital
• Franchises
• Financing
• Clinic Profitability
• Data Analytic
• Process Automation
• Mobile Apps
• Dental Cloud
• Services
• HHRR Management