10-12 APRIL 2025
Innovación en el sector Dental

Nowadays we live in a increasingly informed digital society with a wide range of possibilities at our disposal thanks to the Internet. This has completely transformed the reasons to go through an oral treatment, maybe for health, maybe for aesthetic reasons.

Advances in techniques, equipment, materials, digital technologies and innovation have allowed dental professionals to offer new solutions to their patients through shorter and less painful treatments, as well as to turn their clinic into an experience at the height of current consumer demands. This is reflected in the growth of the dental market, but also in the wide technological offer at its service. A market that will have as a reference the gradual incorporation of new technologies in the day-to-day of clinics and laboratories: intraoral cameras, digital radiography, additive manufacturing, laser and CT dental scanning, among others.

The latest customers has more than 9,000 clinics in Spain that offer services related to dental health, thanks to more than 39,000 dentists, 15,000 hygienists and 7,500 prosthetic technicians.

The dental sector generates more than €899 million, a figure that in 2019 represented a growth of close to 9% compared to 2017. It is also a sector that increased its technology turnover by 5.5% during 2018.



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