Figures that encourages the transformation of the sector

10-11 APRIL 2025 | Fira Barcelona - Gran Vía

Facing the digital transformation


Digital dentistry has developed new ways of dental health care, changing the way the industry works, allowing new, more precise, simpler and faster treatments to be offered to patients who increasingly have more information and a wide range of possibilities thanks to new communication channels that have transformed the reasons for consuming oral treatment, whether for health reasons or simply for aesthetics.


New digital technologies, advances in techniques, equipment, materials, digital technologies and innovation foster the emergence of new specialities and bring greater value to professionals have enabled dental professionals. In turn, they facilitate the transformation of clinics and laboratories into state-of-the-art centres that offer a better experience for patients’ demands through new solutions, shorter and less painful treatments. This is reflected in the growth of the oral and dental market, but also in the wide technological offer at its service. A market that will have as a reference point the gradual incorporation of new technologies in the day-to-day work of clinics and laboratories: intraoral cameras, digital radiography, additive manufacturing, lasers and dental CAT scans, among others.


The latest customers has more than 24,000 clinics in Spain that offer services related to dental health, thanks to more than 41,000 dentists, 15,000 hygienists and 7,500 prosthetic technicians.

Thousands of dental professionals in Spain face the challenge of adapting these technologies to their daily activities.

The dental sector generates in 2023 more than €1.1 billion in turnover, according to Fenin Study

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