Barcelona Dental Show

Advanced Dentistry Awards

10-11 APRIL 2025 | Fira Barcelona - Gran Vía

Get rewarded for the implementation of innovative solutions and leadership in the dentistry industry

Barcelona Dental Show is not only a showroom of dental innovation. It is a new concept of professional meeting with plenty offer of activities for professionals who participate at Barcelona’s Dental Innovation Week.


With the aim of promoting the transformation of the dental sector in Spain Barcelona Dental Show announces the Advanced Dentistry Awards 2025, an event addressed to companies, universities, suppliers, researchers and any entity that is committed to innovation and constant improvement in processes, techniques and treatments.


This contest recognizes the work, leadership and transformation of those companies that are committed to innovation and adopt the new digitization technologies. Advanced Dentistry Awards are focused on the areas of business models, new products, equipment, operational processes, customer experience or research and innovation.

Categories to award:

A. Award to the best digital innovation

This award recognizes digital innovation projects in dental clinics or laboratories that have incorporate digital tools or technologies in their routines and thanks to them, that have improved their work processes.

B. Most Innovative Dental Clinic Award

This award is aimed at those clinics that develop the most disruptive treatments by applying the most innovative technologies, contributing to the strength of their practice.

C. Most Innovative Laboratory Award

Award for laboratories that develop digital processes and solutions with the latest technologies and contribute to the best digital experience.

D. Award to the most disruptive startup

Recognition for those innovative companie that have recently started their digital business and projects for the improvement of the dental sector

E. Career Achievement Award

Award for doctors/stomatologists or dentists who have exercised an exemplary professional career and behaviour linked to the values that represent the profession: altruism, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, empathy and solidarity.

F. Award for the best solution, material or treatment

Recognition of projects that provide innovative solutions for the future of dental care, whether in the field of new materials or in the execution of clinical cases that bring comfort to the patient and success in dental treatment.

G. Award for the best comunication

The following types of papers will be considered for publication: original research, literature reviews, short communications and clinical cases, as well as oral communications and posters presented in an academic setting. The papers will be demonstrative of an original study, preferably not previously published or constituting part of a partial or complete doctoral thesis. Special consideration will be given to studies that constitute an advance for the development of the profession in the field of dentistry.