10-12 APRIL 2025

Advanced Dentistry Awards 2021 Winners

Best Digital Innovation Award Winner

iTero Element 5D

iTero Element 5D Plus is the first intraoral scanner that allows you to scan the internal structure of teeth in real time thanks to its dental imaging system that simultaneously records 3D, intraoral color and NIRI (near infrared imaging technology)

This is a new technologically advanced platform that helps elevate your practice into new dimensions:

  • 3D digital scans
  • Helps in the detection of interproximal caries
  • No harmful radiation
  • Intraoral camera
  • Real-time TimeLapse
  • Simulation capabilities
  • 20% less waiting time for scan processing*.
  • More detailed visualization and wider viewing angles, designed for better patient experience and greater acceptance of treatment plans.
  • Cable-free mobility
  • VESA compatible stand

iTero Element 5D is the latest innovation in technologies that marks a new era. It is the first dental imaging system to simultaneously record 3D images. It offers advanced technology and features designed to enhance the scanning experience, increase clinic productivity and drive greater patient treatment transformation. Its main objective is to improve workflows and provide doctors with the latest innovations to enable expansion and drive clinic growth.

*On average, with the iTero Plus series compared to iTero Element 2 and iTero Element 5D, and based on the comparison of scan processing time of 40 scans of Invisalign and 40 restorative scans with 3 preparation teeth processed by the iTero Element 2/iTero Element 5D computer units and the iTero Element Plus series computer unit.

Best Digital Innovation Award Finalists:


IPD thinks digital

“IPD thinks digital” : Innovative solutions in each step of the digital flow, guaranteeing precision, adjustment and reliability.

IPD‘s digital line is the result of an in-depth study on every important point that makes up a fully digital workflow. The key and most important part of the digital workflow is the Scan Body, since it marks the line of work to be followed. Scanners tend to oversize the image, so IPD adds the possibility of compensating this error at the time of the “Bestfit”, facilitating the task of aligning the scanbodies.

The Scan Body for single units differs from the one for bridges in order to guarantee the success of the final work, especially in multiple restorations, since the rotary has more scanning surface and this allows the scanner to pick up more reference points, which favors parallelism between the closing planes, a key factor for a structure to fit. The proposal is complemented by an extensive range of libraries, to perform any type of restoration, maintaining the quality and precision that the rest of the tools that IPD offers its customers to perform a fully digital work.

Digitalization of invisible orthodontics

The company challenges the conventional orthodontic market by democratizing smiles and offering treatments at honest prices, so that everyone can have a healthy and healthy smile.

In less than 2 years Impress has managed to become the European leader in the orthodontic sector, has treated more than 22,000 smiles and is already present in more than 80 European cities. Its innovation and quality has earned the recognition of Sifted, as one of the fastest growing HealthTech companies in Europe in 2020.

Impress is the company that has revolutionized the invisible orthodontics sector with the best team of professionals dedicated to make people smile and the latest technology applied to the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all cases. Born in 2019 with the aim of caring for and improving patients’ smiles without losing sight of their oral health, Impress is the only company specialized in invisible orthodontics that has an in-house team of professional orthodontists working with the latest medical technology to evaluate and be able to treat all types of cases, and offer patients an online follow-up process that can reduce the number of visits to the clinic without losing the professional and individualized treatment.

Award for the best solution, material or treatment Winner

Pioneering innovation in osseointegration science

OsseoShaper: New instrument developed by Nobel Biocare that gently “shapes” the osteotomy at 50 rpm, and does not require irrigation.

Conventional perforators must operate at high speed. Speed and friction generate heat, which radiates from the cutting edge of the drill, causing a zone of dead cells around the osteotomy, triggering bone resorption. The temperature is conventionally reduced by copious irrigation, which washes away bone chips and bone clot that would promote bone formation if left in situ. Nobel Biocare has developed a bed preparation solution intended to minimize the heat and trauma that cause cell death and eliminate the irrigation that washes away bone chips and bone clot.

The biology behind this bed preparation technique has laid the foundation for Nobel Biocare’s revolutionary N1 implant system, which more than just an implant, is a complete system of dedicated instruments, prosthetic components and surgical protocols designed to assist the clinician at every step and to enhance patient comfort and brings many additional practical advantages such as:

  • “Direct, Shape, Place” – Only 3 key steps are needed for bed preparation and implant placement. First, a pilot osteotomy is created with the OsseoDirector. Next, the OsseoShaper instrument is used to gently create the osteotomy at low speed, providing maximum control to the clinician. The OsseoShaper conforms to the co-packed implant macroform.
  • The OsseoShaper aids decision making: It acts as a gauge to indicate bone quality. The generated torques guide the surgical workflow, aid bone assessment and provide an early prediction of implant stability.
  • The OsseoShaper improves patient comfort by creating less noise and vibration compared to conventional protocols.
  • The Nobel Biocare N1 implant is designed for stability and early tissue integration and is optimized for immediate placement and function.
  • The implant features a trioval collar, which has been shown to reduce cortical bone stress compared to round collars.
  • The abutments also feature a trioval tapered connection, which means they simply slide into place.

Award for the best solution, material or treatment FInalists:


A turbine-coupled suction device. AERODAM360: New approach to turbine aerosol control.

As the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic spurred a pressing need for an alternative to existing turbine aerosol abatement systems on the market, a practical and effective solution was developed and patented. AERODAM presents a device that can be coupled to the vast majority of turbines and to the two major standards in suction systems (Catani and Dürr) with the primary objective of bringing the suction closer to the source of the aerosols and being able to reduce more than 99% of the aerosol (according to an internal study). Easy to install, use and autoclavable up to 300 times (according to UPC-CIM study).

Safety is also increased by avoiding risks due to clashes and obstruction of vision caused by cannulas. In addition, the patient does not feel any added discomfort and it avoids splashes on the face of the patient and operator.

The morphology of the device allows the middle part of the turbine shaft to be held with the usual thumb and middle finger, while the index finger rests on a tactilely noticeable concave area on the back of the device. Through it, the index finger controls the movement of the head, thus promoting precision.

VarseoSmile Crown Plus, hybrid material for 3D Printing

Hybrid Material for 3D Printing of Definitive Crowns designed by Bego

VarseoSmile Crown Plus is a hybrid material with ceramic filler, which is used in clinics and laboratories for 3D printing with DLP or SLA technologies of permanent restorations, such as single crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers in the frontal and lateral area, including occlusal surfaces.

The aesthetic results are outstanding thanks to a balanced ratio between opacity and translucency. The fluorescence of the printed objects resembles that of the natural tooth , wear and discoloration are practically non-existent thanks to the low water absorption values. This new material has a low adhesion of dental plaque due to its smooth finish, and high patient comfort due to low transmission of cold and heat. The material is antagonist-friendly thanks to its mechanical dampening effect, ideal for implant-supported crowns and minimal secondary caries formation because of its excellent bonding with luting composites.

VarseoSmile Crown Plus is easy to handle, as there is no sedimentation of the resin and therefore no mixing/agitating is necessary in case of regular use.

Easy to carve and polish with conventional tools for a perfect finish. After polymerization, the parts can be customized by means of staining.

Its low cost and ease of repetition offer great flexibility to the user. Final polymerization is achieved with BEGO Otoflash (two xenon strobes, flash frequency 10 Hz, light spectrum 300-700 nm) or HiLite Power* Heraeus Kulzer* (xenon strobes, flash frequency 20 Hz, light spectrum 390-540 nm).

VarseoSmile Crown plus definitive restorations can be placed using self-adhesive cements (such as RelyX Unicem*, 3M Espe*, Panavia V5*, Kuraray Noritake* for titanium bases) or composite cement with a prime (Variolink Esthetic DC* and Monobond Plus*, Ivoclar Vivadent*).

Most Innovative Startup in the Dental Sector Winner

Virtual Reality for Dentists

With Virtual Reality we transport the users of dental clinics to travel to another place or a better experience. It is the best way to overcome fear or anxiety of the dentist. The user, before starting the treatment, chooses what experience he wants to see while the dentist or professional does his work.

It is scientifically proven that the use of virtual reality reduces pain, time perception, stress, heart rate and anxiety and induces positive emotions.

Thanks to XR SEN‘s Virtual Reality tools, the user can be transported to another place and not perceive such a painful experience. With different contents, both pediatric dentistry patients and adults can enjoy different contents in an immersive way.

Most Innovative Startup in the Dental Sector Finalists:

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Dentistry: Orthopantomography

We present a computer vision application that helps the dentist in dental diagnosis applied to orthopantomography. It is based on Artificial Intelligence through the use of artificial neural networks that identify teeth, enumerate them and describe endodontic treatments, obturation, crowns, implants and caries lesions, root remains, impacted or included teeth and periapical lesions. This prototype is accessible to anyone who requests it in advance.

During the last few years, there has been a growing interest in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Computer Aided Diagnostic Systems (CADS) that can be used as mainstream applications in the diagnosis of oral-dental diseases. This interest is mainly due to the fact that, as has been published in numerous articles in specialised journals, AI-based CDSSs provide the expert (Dentist or Radiologist) with the possibility of having a very precise support tool for the analysis, interpretation and characterisation of radiological images that facilitates and improves the reading of the images, reducing the number of operator errors.

TotIA is currently in the pre-incubation stage at the Balearic Technological Innovation Park, ParcBit, with the aim of developing and implementing AI-based software that is easy to use and can be integrated into the different management and diagnostic computer platforms used by dentists and radiologists, which can be incorporated as a commonly used tool in the detection and classification of the most common dental pathologies based on images.

The 360º platform for the dental business

Neodo is a 100% digital platform, with a 360º approach, accessible from any device and at any time, and was created to serve the community of professionals in the sector because good dentistry and, above all, good business management are the key to the success of the dental clinics of the future.

Neodo was created because the wide range of public and private universities, the entry of colleagues from other countries and the appearance of large chains with a clear business focus have brought greater complexity to the dental sector market. If, in addition, we add a more and better-informed patient, we conclude that managing a dental clinic is no longer what it used to be. It is increasingly difficult to reach the desired figure and you have to go out and look for new clients and compete. It’s a business, just like any other. But learning these new skills is not part of the usual university curriculum and professionals must learn on their own. Neodo offers a series of easy and intuitive tools to increase turnover and optimize business management in the key areas of the clinic: the patient, the business and the team, putting them within the reach of the professional:

  • Training: Training itineraries with video-pills about the basic aspects of management.
  • Financing for patients: in 1 minute!
  • Analysis of business indicators: with recommendations for decision making.
  • Online expert support: a new digital help model with direct business impact
  • Marketplace: the largest offer of services to improve clinic management (marketing, legal, human resources, insurance, finance, etc.)
  • Community: blog, podcasts, newsletter, webinars, face-to-face events

Good management of the dental practice business is the key to its success. Neodo is a 100% digital platform, with tools to optimize business management in the key areas of the clinic: the patient, the business and the team. Training with video-pills, financing for patients, analysis of business indicators, online expert support, a marketplace of services and tools to create community.

Best Poster Winner

Omar Ouadi – Protocolo para el Diagnóstico Diferencial de la Neuralgia del Trigémino

Best Free Communication Award Winner

Andrés Enrique Paz – Soluciones Estéticas en Tinciones de Tetraciclina. A propósito de un caso

Best Free Communication Award Finalists:

Vasiliki Sophocleous & Evangelos Kallianos – Crown Over Implant; Conventional vs. Digital Technique

Sofia Navarro – Biomarcadores Salivales para la Prevención y Diagnóstico de la Enfermedad Periodontal y su Relación con las Enfermedades Sistémicas

Career Achievement Award

Dr. Antoni Maria Lluch